Gen Xers on dating and marriage

The Gen Xer generation is changing the way we date and marry. It’s clear that techn

ology has made dating easier than ever before, and many of us are more confident in our relationships than in previous generations. 

But what exactly makes those that belong to this generation different? Gen Xers have unique dating views about their Miami escort and marriage expectations.

Here are some typical views among Gen Xers about dating and marriage:

Marriage Is No Longer A Necessity 

For one, they are more likely to be single than other generations. Gen Xers are also less likely to marry than their older counterparts and less likely to have children. 

Marriage isn’t as necessary for many Gen Xers as it was for their parents or grandparents. Gen Xers are more likely to be in a long-term relationship than previous generations. 

In fact, they’re more likely to be in a cohabiting relationship than any other generation. And that’s not just because of marriage, as it’s because of everything that comes with it, such as commitment, kids and mortgages.

Want Someone To Be Their Best Friend

Many Gen Xers are looking for someone who can be their best friend. They want someone they can talk to, not just someone they can have sex with. They want someone who has their back through thick and thin and will always be there for them in good times and bad.

Many Gen Xers are still single because they haven’t found this person yet, but many others have found it already. They want a spouse or significant other who makes them feel safe, secure, loved and cared for. 

They aim to be with someone who will always be there when life gets tough. Another must for a long-term relationship is to find someone who shares common interests with them, such as travelling abroad. 

Prioritise Financially Stability 

While it may seem like Gen Xers are more focused on getting married than their parents, the truth is that they’re just as happy to wait until they’re financially stable before taking the plunge as they are practical. 

Some Gen Xers have a lot of debt that they want to pay off first, like student loans from their education. Many also have assets, such as property or investments, that they must protect before marrying.

Traditional Roles Don’t Apply To Gen Xers

Regarding the traditional roles of husband and wife, it’s clear that Gen Xers has redefined them. They’re more likely to share household duties and childcare responsibilities with their partners. They’re also more likely to share financial obligations and decision-making responsibilities.

This isn’t to say that Gen Xers don’t expect their partners to pull their weight in these areas as they do. But they tend to expect it less out of the gate than previous generations did when they were first married or started living together.

In Conclusion

Gen Xers have a different mindset about marriage than their parents did. They don’t want to rush into it and want to date for a while before deciding to marry or get into a long-term relationship. 

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