Want someone to be their best friend

Friendship, one of life’s most profound relationships, is often a sanctuary of shared moments, trust, and genuine camaraderie. While we may have numerous acquaintances and friends, many of us yearn for that one individual we can call our ‘best friend.’ This person is not just another name in our contact list but someone who resonates with our soul. Let’s delve into the dynamics of wanting someone to be a best friend, the essence of this bond, and the journey to cultivate it.

The Anatomy of a Best Friend

Unwavering Support: A best friend stands by you, not just during moments of joy and celebration but more crucially, during trials and tribulations. They offer a listening ear, an understanding heart, and a shoulder to lean on.

Unspoken Understanding: The connection with a best friend often transcends the need for words. A mere glance or gesture can convey volumes, underlining the depth of the bond.

Shared Memories: From spontaneous adventures to intimate heart-to-heart sessions at 2 am, a tapestry of shared experiences strengthens the bond.

Mutual Respect: Despite differences in opinions or choices, there’s an inherent respect for each other’s individuality.

Why Do We Seek a Best Friend?

Innate Need for Connection: As social beings, we thrive on connections. While broad social networks provide a sense of belonging, there’s an intrinsic desire for a deeper, more personal bond, which a best friend fulfills.

Safe Haven: The world can sometimes be overwhelming. Having a best friend provides a safe space, free from judgments, where one can be their authentic self.

Growth and Reflection: A best friend acts as a mirror, reflecting our strengths and areas of growth. They celebrate our successes and guide us through our missteps, helping us evolve.

Shared Journey: Life is a tapestry of moments, emotions, and experiences. Sharing this journey with someone amplifies the joys and mitigates the sorrows.

The Journey to Cultivate a Best-Friend Bond

Authenticity: The foundation of a deep friendship is authenticity. Be genuine in your interactions, allowing the other person to see the real you. Vulnerability, though challenging, often paves the way for profound connections.

Active Listening: When they share, listen with intent, without formulating responses or judgments. This builds trust and shows that you genuinely care about their feelings and perspectives.

Invest Time: Deep bonds don’t form overnight. Spend quality time together, engage in shared activities, and build a repository of memories.

Open Communication: Ensure that communication channels are always open. Discuss grievances, appreciate their positives, and consistently work on strengthening the bond.

Empathy: Strive to understand their feelings and perspectives. Even when you disagree, approach situations with empathy and understanding.

Shared Experiences: Embark on adventures together. Whether it’s traveling, joining a class, or merely binge-watching a series, shared experiences can strengthen the bond.

Challenges and Evolution

Like all relationships, the bond with a best friend can face challenges. Differences of opinion, life changes, or external factors can strain the relationship. However, the resilience and depth of the bond often help navigate these rough waters. As individuals grow, the relationship might also evolve. Being understanding and adaptable ensures the friendship stands the test of time.


In our quest for a best friend, it’s essential to understand that such relationships are built on mutual effort, understanding, and time. It’s not merely about wanting someone to be our best friend but also being a best friend to them. It’s a two-way street, demanding patience, effort, and a lot of love.

In the words of C.S. Lewis, “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'” It’s this revelation of shared feelings, moments, and secrets that forms the basis of a bond we fondly christen as ‘best friends.’

While we may yearn for such a connection, it’s equally crucial to cherish, nurture, and celebrate it once we find it. The journey of life, with its myriad experiences, becomes even more beautiful when shared with a best friend by our side.

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